19 FEBRUARY 2016


Dear West View family



Exciting news – the opportunity is open for you to give your feedback on your church and your spiritual growth. By spending roughly 30 minutes filling out an anonymous on-line survey, you can assist our church in planning the direction we take to help all our members experience life change through Christ.


So… make yourself a sandwich, get comfy behind the screen and follow this link:



There will be laptops set up in the Mark Hall ready for you to take the survey on the Sundays of 21 and 28 February and 6 March in order to cater for those who do not have access to the internet. Staff and volunteers will also be available to assist, so look for the folk with the hats on! The WiFi password will also be made available at those times in order for folk to use their own laptops or tablets to complete the survey.


And just to assure you:

  • This is anonymous and will not be viewed individually. The results are grouped together and interpreted by a third party
  • You will not be solicited for any products or services as a result of taking the survey. Your e-mail address will not be distributed to another party
  • The survey will close on the 6th of March and so I encourage you to fill it in sooner rather than later.

We’d be so grateful if you could play your part in this survey. The results of the survey will play a critical role in guiding the church leadership in decisions about West View’s future. 





Senior Minister

Superintendent: Hennops River Circuit

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