Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Who are these people?

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25 February 2018

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ

Welcome to worship. If you are a guest, know that you are welcome in this place.

It’s a special joy to welcome new people into membership at West View. We welcome Garth and Shirley-Lee Bell, Motona Fatman, and Gareth and Melany Hawkins. Please join me in embracing and including them into our life as a community of Christ-followers.

E. Stanley Jones was one of the great Methodist Missionary leaders of the last century. Writing towards the end of his life and ministry, he wrote:
“ If I had one gift, and only one gift, to make to the Christian Church, I would offer the gift of prayer. For everything follows from prayer…Prayer is not an optional subject in the curriculum of living…it is the required subject.”
In this second Sunday of this Making a Difference series, we’re exploring prayer as the primary way in which we remain connected to Jesus, the Source of Life.

Grace and Peace


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