Sun, Aug 13, 2017

West View's Vision

Duration:5 mins 59 secs

6 August 2017

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship on the second Sunday of Women’s Month. If you are a guest, may you experience God’s grace, love and power in our midst today.

I invite you to join me in prayer, throughout this coming week, for two events taking place next weekend. The first is next Saturday’s Strategic Planning morning. The Executive and the Staff will meet to discern God’s priorities for us as a congregation in the next few years. We would value prayers for the Spirit’s wisdom and guidance to prevail.

The second event is the Confirmation Camp.

Pray that God will impact, in powerful ways, the lives of those preparing for Confirmation. Pray for James, Jos, TK, and the rest of the leadership team as they provide leadership and mentorship for the young people.

Yours in Christ


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