Sun, Dec 03, 2017

Mary - First Advent

3 December 2017

Dear West View,

Welcome to Worship! If you are visiting, please know that you are amongst friends and are Welcome in this Community of Christian believer, for those in the West View Community, Welcome Home.

This week we begin our journey through the Season of Advent, as we prepare ourselves spiritually for Christmas, will be following our preaching series entitled Pauses for Advent. I would like to encourage you to follow this series by purchasing a copy of the Pauses for Advent Daily Devotional booklet by Rev Trevor Hudson, after the services or from the church office, and attend in person or catching up on our sermons via our webpage
On behalf of Robyn and myself, I would like to extend a word of appreciation to all in the West View family for allowing me to exercise my God-given calling amongst you for the past few months. May God bless and keep you, now and always.

Grace & Peace

Yours in the Love and Grace of God

Raymond & Robyn

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