Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Is God Pro-Choice?

15 July 2018

Good morning, West View! 


When I first heard about a plan for a sermon series on controversial issues, I thought it was an excellent idea. I think churches can sometimes feel like little clustered islands where we come together to develop our spiritual lives somewhat distanced from the realities of the world; and that can feel natural, to intentionally separate our spirituality from most of what we experience and observe in our societies. Compartmentalizing things is a part of our human nature.  


But a church, with its hands and feet firmly stretched out into its community, should be the place where we come to prepare to live the wholeness of our lives thinking about theological dilemmas that always play a role in how we all live as an interconnected community. And that’s what this sermon series is encouraging us to do: to dive deep into important issues that we often shy away from bringing into church. My prayer is that we can continue to wrestle through these questions with curiosity, humility, and grace. 


I’d like to thank you all for welcoming me into your community these past two months. I (unbelievably) have just a week and a half left at West View, but I already know I’ll be leaving with memories of some of the most compassionate Christians I’ve had the pleasure to meet. 


In peace, 


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