Sun, Apr 29, 2018

Is God Cold-hearted

Series:Is God...?

29 April 2018


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ

Welcome to worship on this long weekend! If you are a guest, be at home in this place.

Next week we begin our Tithe Month preaching series, which will be an in-depth study of John Wesley’s three simple rules for the use of money. When, three decades ago, I first came across these rules whilst studying Wesley’s sermon on the use of money, I was struck by how relevant they are to our lives today. Offered to help Christ-followers to relate to their money in God-honouring ways, Wesley’s three rules can revolutionise your relationship with money. In an time when conversations about money too often lead to anxiety and fear, I commend this series to you as a way in which your relationship with money can become one which brings life and freedom.

Grace and Peace


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