Sun, Apr 15, 2018

Is God Angry?

Series:Is God...?

15 April 2018


Dear West View

Welcome to worship! If you are joining us for the first time today, please know that you are amongst friends and you are welcomed in this community of believers. We hope that you will be blessed by your time worshipping with us as much as your presence is a blessing to us.

One of the most difficult yet important questions that a person can ask is the question “What is God like?” This question is at the core of how one relates with God, if you think God is a bully or that God is vengeful, you will struggle to draw close to God, to trust your life to God. To believe that God wills good things for you.

A quick scan through the bible will show you that there are parts of the Bible that portray God as a bully or dictator. Over the next three weeks we are considering three questions about God: Is God angry? Is God judgemental? Is God cold hearted?

May I encourage you to invite a friend to come and join us as we together ask during this month of April Is God…?


Your Servant for Christ’s Sake

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