Sun, Jul 29, 2018

Do miracles happen?

29 July 2018

Dear West View

Welcome to worship! If you are joining us for the first time today, please know that you are amongst friends and you are welcomed in this community of believers. We hope that you will be blessed by your time worshipping with us as much as your presence is a blessing to us.

Today is the last Sunday of our sermon series: “Can of Worms” and we are looking at the topic of miracles. This topic has always been one of the challenging themes in the history of the Christian faith as it touches the core of what we believe and sometimes why we believe in God.

Today is also the Sunday set aside to welcome new members into the West View family and we will be officially welcoming the following members at our 09:45 service: Zandi Hoyi, Inga Ngalongkulu, Asi Kalashe,
Jo-Anne Williams.

Next week we begin our August Women’s Month preaching series which is an in -depth study of the Marys in the Gospels, please invite a friend to church as we go through this series.


Your Servant for Christ’s Sake

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