Sun, Mar 04, 2018

Children, Go Where I Send You

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04 March 2018

Dear West View

Welcome to worship! If you are joining us for the first time today, please know that you are amongst friends & you are welcomed in this community of believers. We hope that will be blessed by your time worshipping with us as much as your presence is a blessing to us.

Today is the third Sunday of Lent and week 3 in our Lenten series “Making a difference”. Today we explore the idea of being sent by God to make a difference in the world. We are reminded that as those who are sent we need to Stop, Look, Listen, & then get moving with the task of being God’s presence in the world.

Today is the last of the District Youth Synod, a gathering of more than 200 youth leaders from our district. This year the Youth Synod was hosted by our circuit at the Altelekker Jeugkamp in Irene. In the next few days West View will host the Women’s Auxiliary District meetings & we are all invited to prayer for this meeting, especially pray for those who will be inducted into office as District officials next week Sunday.


Your Servant for Christ’s Sake

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