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    A place of hope and love where lives are transformed!

    Ditshego House of Laughter, a Non-Profit Organisation, was registered in 2007 to render services through the following projects:

    • Place of Safety
    • Preschool Feeding scheme
    • Food garden project
    • Aftercare School

    Ditshego House of Laughter, Place of Safety (a Non-Profit Organization) was initiated in 2007 to provide safety and care for 6 vulnerable children.  A Housemother is assisted by a Social Worker and volunteers.  The children are being nurtured and educated in a safe environment.  Services were later extended to other vulnerable children in the Mooiplaas informal settlement.

    The Ditshego Preschool in the Mooiplaas Informal settlement was opened in 2008.  One hundred and forty vulnerable children are provided with nutritional meals and educated in a safe environment.  The Principal and teachers are supported by the Social Worker and volunteers.  Community projects are supported from the Preschool. Approximately 16 000 residents reside in this informal settlement.  Some have lived here for 20 years.  There are no resources available in the community no schools, formal crèches, clinic or hospital.

    The basic needs in the community are: 
    • Water shortage (Water trucks deliver water daily)
    • The dumping site is a health risk
    • The medical services are not sufficient (Mobile clinic assists 30 people twice week)
    • The unemployment statistics are high
    • There are no Police facilities
    • Fifty chemical toilets serve the community. 
    • The teacher assistants have received minimal training.  

    Despite these circumstances the children are well cared for.  A minimal fee of R150 per month is paid by the parents. The fees sustain the assistants’ stipends and supply meals. Churches and Volunteers assist with donations and support.  The Preschool committee also reaches out to other crèches in the community to strengthen them.  Training is desperately needed to empower the assistants to sustain the project and equip the children with the necessary skills to adapt in Primary school.  Community projects are supported from the Preschool.  A Food garden project sustains the projects. 

    Through networking the following services are rendered by other organisations at Ditshego:
    • Social Work services are offered weekly
    • Counselling services and play therapy are offered twice a week
    • A Nursing Sister renders medical services weekly
    • A Bible School is run twice a week

    We are constantly looking for volunteers

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  • Every year Ditshego runs a Chirstmas present drive called Shoebox Surprise. Our wish is to, with your help, give each child at Ditshego a gift that will be a tangible expression of God’s love for them.

    If you would like to sponsor a shoebox filled with christmas presents for a child in need please visit their dedicated website www.ditshegochristmasgifts.org.za  to find out all you need to know including what to include, what not to include and how to wrap the present.

    Contact Greta or Nicky for more information
    Greta: m o u t o n @ v o d a m a i l .c o . z a
    Nicky: n i c k y h @ i n t e r n e x t . c o . z a
  • 6 Vulnerable children have been placed in our care and we provide for their physical, educational, spiritual and emotional needs on a full time basis.

  • 14O Children 3-6 years old attend the Preschool. 

    They receive education, care and meals in a safe environment. 
    Ten staff members from the Community work at the Preschool.

    Such clever children in our Frog class threading copying patterns 2               Such clever children in our Frog class threading copying patterns 3 Such clever children in our Frog class threading copying patterns important numeracy skills. Well done
  • The feeding scheme provides meals to 60 patients and volunteers in the Community.
    Two Staff members run the feeding scheme.

    Thanks so much Tracy Lee Meyer Minnie and the staff of Impact Rx for your generous donation of non perishable food items. Such a blessing
  • Thirty vulnerable children from the Community who do not attend School receive numeracy and literacy education and are placed back into the formal School system. Fifty children have benefit from this program through the year.

    70 children attend the Aftercare School where they receive assistance with home work, meals and skills training. 

    Saturday club: 70 children receive life skills training and a meal on Saturdays.

    The households of these children are visited regularly to support the family; assistance is given to obtain legal documents, health services and counselling.  The children are not only educated but assisted to become well balanced adults who can work independently and make wise choices.  Twenty staff members rotate in this project to ensure that all the children receive the services they need.  The community is also educated through door to door awareness campaigns. 

    School holiday projects also give an alternative to walking in the streets aimlessly
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Chairman: Graham Taylor
       Managing Director: Isabel Nel

    Information for Donnors:
    Article number 21 NPO Number: 2007/009263/08
    BEE Certified
    Registered to provide 18 A Certificates (Tax Exemption)
    Finances is Audited

    Banking details:
    Current account
    Branch code 251145
    Account name:  Ditshego Projects
    Account number:  62328615606

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